10 Commandments

I. Thou shalt not ninja.

You are all representatives of Salvatïon and when you interact with people outside of the guild, you reflect on us as a whole. Make Salvatïon a guild we can all be proud of!

II. Thou shalt not cause drama.

Drama is something that can destroy a guild from within. If you have a problem with a guildie, try to talk to them and find a resolution! In cases where mediation is required, seek the help of an officer. If you have questions or concerns about the guild, ask! The worst thing that you can do is make assumptions. Negative attitudes are like poison that slowly spread and affect morale in a guild. Let’s make Salvatïon a drama-free guild!

III. Though shalt not utter derogatory comments or slurs.

Derogatory comments or slurs (racism, religious intolerance, etc.) make the guild an unpleasant place to be in. Creating an environment where everyone is comfortable is something that we strive for in Salvatïon and therefore do not allow such comments!

IV. Thou shalt not harass any guild members.

Likewise, harassment of any form towards other members in this guild makes the guild an unpleasant place. Do not engage in it; let’s make Salvatïon a great place to be!

V. Thou shalt not beg.

We all need a bit of help occasionally, but remember, other people are here to enjoy their game time as well! It is okay to ask for help, but if people do not want to help you at that given time, accept that and don’t ask repeatedly.

VI. Thou shalt not be late for raids.

Raiders are expected to be logged in and ready at least half an hour before all scheduled raid times. If the raid is at 8:00pm, then invites will come out at 7:30pm. This is so that the raid can be organized and the first pull can happen right at 8 so that we can make the most of our raid time!

VII. Thou shalt show up prepared for raids.

Raiders are expected to show up repaired and have their reagents and flasks. No one likes to wait on people; it delays the raid and lessens the amount of content we can progress through, so show up prepared!

VIII. Thou shalt research your class.

End-game raiding can be demanding at times. Reading about your class will ensure that you are being the best you can be! Knowing your class will let you squeeze out that little bit of dps, increase the amount that that spell heals or absorbs that extra amount of damage. It can make or break a fight!

IX. Thou shalt gem and chant properly.

Nobody likes to carry someone through a raid, or feel like they are doing so. Gemming and enchanting properly will ensure that you never are ‘that person’. Understandably it is not always easy to make that extra bit of money needed, but make the extra effort and your guildies will be happy to cut that gem for you or turn those mats into a chant!

X. Thou shalt endeavor to help your guild.

Salvatïon is your home; think of it not as helping ‘the guild’ but rather you are helping yourself. Every little kind gesture that you do; every way you help your fellow guildies makes Salvatïon a better place!