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About Salvatïon

Welcome to Salvatïon.

Salvatïon is an Alliance progression guild based on the Vek'nilash server. Our focus is to progress into continually more challenging end-game content that we may furthur develop our skills individually and as a guild. We expect the best from our raiders, and that they might strive to become the best that they can.



How to Apply to Salvatïon via this website:

If you are a non-member of Salvatïon, you may apply by using the Apply to Guild link on the left hand side. A set of step-by-step instructions will then guide you through the rest of the application process.

How to Register on this Site if you are ALREADY a Salvatïon Member:

Please register onto this site by using the Apply to Guild link on the left hand side. Doing this will allow you to access the forums and do many other things. During the application process, you will be asked for a Launch Code. You can find this code in the guild information tab in-game.

Once you have finished registering, click on the Guild Roster link on the navigation bar above. Once on the guild roster page, you can claim your characters.

If your toon is not on the guild roster, you may have to wait for the next time we do an armory import to find your toon.

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BRF Final Standings!

by Magnetiks, 691 days ago

The final standings end when a new raid tier begins, for BRF we had several people finish in the Top 10 for fights!


Gruul #1 on the Realms - Magnetiks
Oregorger #9 on the Realms - Magnetiks
Kromog #3 on the Realms - Ôwnz
Operator Thogar #5 on the Realms - Ôwnz
Blackhand #1 on the Realms - Bloodsoakd


Congratulations to those who ranked, and for Salvation being in the top 10 on some fights in BRF! The rest of the standings can be viewed at: 

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All but one remain!

by Shmootybooty, 767 days ago

We hope that our core raid team will be successful tonight as they battle Heroic Blackhand! Soon his corpse will be posted here! So, in the meantime here are some kill shots of Blackhands cronies.














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Bosses Down.

by Shmootybooty, 818 days ago

Our raid progression shows that Salvation is in Blackrock Foundry and we have currently downed 6 bosses in Normal and 6 bosses in Heroic! However, I do not have team photos to share with you all yet. I do have photos from a couple of weeks ago though and look forward to getting more updated ones soon and will post those once I do!

Normal Imperator Mar'gok Kill !!



Heroic Ko'ragh Kill !!

Heroic Tectus Kill !!



Way to go Salvation! 

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